Why we love combining travel and photography

Photography tours of a life time

Why we love combining travel and photography

Karen and her team have experienced travelling the world for over 30 years and love to impart the knowledge and keen sense of adventure with their guests on each of their photography tours. The passion the team have for discovering the magic and beauty of a destination is what keeps them jumping on a plane time and time again. They want to show you another world, culture and landscape in a way that you will never had experienced before. 

The Lofoten region holds a special place in Karen’s heart and she knows it will for you, as well, once you have experienced the majestic world that is Lofoten, from its wildlife, villages and their personalities to the rugged and jaw dropping landscape and let’s not forget the aurora that is the Northern Lights.

Why choose us

Our Lofoten travel photo tours engage with local photographers who know where the best locations are to capture the perfect image, share techniques on location and offer advice about how to capture the best images. This allows us to learn from a variety of photographers who are passionate about their region and who share their favourite and secret locations with us which we believe enhances our specialised travel photo tours. It also allows us some flexibility throughout the tours in regard to the daily timetable. If the tour group is enjoying a specific location - we will just stay, or if it’s time to call it a day - we are happy to do so and go back and relax to enjoy the local hospitality.

We believe this mixture of travelling, photography and relaxation, provides the best comfort for all of our guests whether photographers or just purely like-minded passionate travellers.

Our travel photography tours are designed for the discerning traveller. Our small groups with a maximum of 6 people have more flexibility to explore and immerse themselves in the destination with quality time to photograph and enjoy the surroundings to be able to capture that perfect picture. 

Our main objective is to:

  • travel in a relaxed manner
  • enjoy the stunning locations
  • the ability to spend time photographing these fascinating destinations
  • travel in comfortable spacious minibus transport 
  • at the end of the day enjoy a quality restaurant meal

For those travellers not engaged in the photography aspect of our tours you will still love each day, as we focus on stunning destinations that are a joy to explore on foot with time spent soaking up the atmosphere. We don’t spend countless hours in one location rather we keep moving throughout the day to maximise the many opportunities Lofoten provides us, but at a relaxed and enjoyable pace with our small groups.